search & (possibly) find

xubuntu using thunar as file manager. since the the use of a hammer is a simple task – as long as you know which end to grab – i expect the same of thunar…

Screenshot - 18.05.2014 - 11:55:07

used to do a ctrl-f to popup a search. i tried and put in a pattern… but this does nothing than mark files in the actual view which match the pattern. ok, i grabbed the wrong end…

right mouse button click offers a context menu with a search option. this opens catfish a simple and powerful frontend for locate and find.


do not use patterns like *.iso because catfish is searching for that exact pattern. since the asterisk ‘*’  is not allowed in file/folder names it makes only sense if we are performing a full text search for this pattern.

do search for .iso if you want to find all iso files

it seems that regular expressions are not supported

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